Menu Karl -Theodor


Duck Liver Teerine & Smoked Eel

Pickled Cherries, Spruce Tips, Chocolate Brioche


Bavarian Prawn

Unripe Blackberry, Pickled Elderberry. Herbal Cream


Swabian Ravioli with Platianan Potatoes

Goatchees, Chantrelle


Sweetbread and kidneys of Veal

Confit of Parsley Root, Cumin Caramel and Corn Beurre Blanc


Pike Perch & Pork Belly

Sweet Heart Cabbage, Cipollini, Black Forrest Miso


Back & Haunch of Summer Deer

Gooseberry Chutney, Tomato, Roasted Green Almonds, Reduced Deer Fond


Mozzarella Bufala di Campana D.O.P.

Pickled Asparagus, Tarragon, Old Balsamic


Raspberry Sorbet with Cheesecake

Fenugreek Seeds, Marinated Lettuce, Sweet Umami Brew


Burned Flower Ice Cream

Wine Yard Peach, Lavender, Valrhona Chocolate

4 Course Menu                                                    95
5 Course Menu                                                     110
6 Course Menu                                                   125
7 Course Menu                                                   135

Menü Lieselotte

Vegetarian Menu

Radish & Nussloch Goat Cheese

Olive earth, old Balsamic, Fenugreek seeds


Badisch Style Ravioli of Palatine Potatoes

Goat Cheese, Chanterelles, Mountain Herb


Herb Risotto

Slow cooked egg, Pickled Beech Mushrooms


New Potato

Egg Plant Tatar, Black Nut Pesto, Smoked Sour Cream


Cheese Variations of Maitre Waltmann


Burned Flour Ice Cream

Wine yard Peaches, Lavender, Valrhona Chocolate

4 Gänge Menü                                                      85
5 Gänge Menü                                                    100